Fuoco Gas Australia is a heavy duty well built gas range of cooking equipment designed & manufactured to work in any kitchen in Australia whether it’s in a restaurant, café, function centre, pub hotel, club motel, takeaway, fish & chip shop, Fuoco will get the job done Fuoco has been designed around you to get the best out of cooking.

Performance and power is what Fuoco is all about with every piece provided with powerful mega Jules on its open burners delivering the perfect flame to cook with Built with the thick 304 grade stainless steel frame along with heavy duty cast-iron trivets Fuoco delivers the inspiration to cook with simplicity and a peace of mind.
Fuoco comes with Italian made components such as the Italian made burners, along with thermostat controls, thermos-couples and valves

Our Fuoco Gas range is Gas approved in Australia wide & also in New Zealand

Our range is available in Natural Gas, LPG kits are available should you need it converted to LPG please don’t hesitate to ask our sales consultants
You cannot go wrong with a 2 year warranty choose Fuoco on your next project

Fuoco promises reliability and performance by backing it with a 2 years fully backed Warranty Australia wide

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FUOCO in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

From the very first glance you can tell that Fuoco has been built to do a job. Solid steel, rugged control knobs, formidable burners are what make Fuoco so special. Perfection in cooking is what exactly Fuoco cooking equipment does.
Fuoco delivers unprecedented performance and technology to your kitchen. We haven’t compromised at any point from the quality of the materials we use to the technology that gets things done. Fuoco’s advanced technology will never overwhelm but rather make it easier and more enjoyable to prepare delicious meals. Versatile and dependable, our Commercial Gas Cooktop ranges are built to work hard in operations of all sizes. Innovative features help you improve productivity and deliver the high-quality, consistent professional results needed to keep diners coming back to your restaurant for more. Also our 
Open Burner with Static Oven is a workhorse that your commercial kitchen can rely upon.